venusI am an artist foremost working in the mediums of pencil, pen and ink to manifest visions born of congress with the Patron Spirits of my Path. My artistic project is named VÆNVS OBSCVRA and it represents the occult-oriented works I undertake as both Sacrifice and Devotion to the Arte, of which I have spent the past 4 years steadily building up my portfolio. Previous to this I worked on another artistic project called Hatred Engine Graphics whose sole aim was to work alongside creative personalities from the Underground Metal and Punk scenes. I didn’t want to mix the mundane and the Divine anymore so, VÆNVS OBSCVRA came into being – the second flame manifested. 

My magical praxis comprises a syncretic formula of Traditional Witchcraft and Luciferianism conjoined with Balkan sorcery and Romanian folkloric craft as informed by the Spirits of my Ancestors and the Carpathian Genii whose beautiful and terrible spectres haunt the enchanting landscape from the high mountains to the vast plains and between; all of whom convoke together beneath the cloak of the night, between the last and the first of the rooster’s crow. 

I also embrace the Mysteries of the Green Kingdom via my passion for growing and nurturing banfeful and benefic worts, which inspire me with their poisonous promise. 

My artwork may be viewed in publications such as Pillars and Sabbatica, The Thirteenth Path, various artwork I created for bands such as Dark Buddha Rising, Acherontas etc.

In mundane life, I successfully completed my M.A. Degree in Fine Art, having previously completed a Faculty of Arts Degree from the University of Timisoara.

Email address: ars.v.obscvra@hotmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ars.v.obscvra
Webpage/Blog: http://www.vaenvs-obscvra.blogspot.com