Call for Submissions



The Salón Arcano is a non for profit art gallery based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our mission is to promote, exhibit and sponsor works of art that deny the existence of a dividing line between Hermetic Philosophy and Art.

This call for submissions is permanent and open to artists of all nations. In our Virtual Galleries, we host works by painters, filmmakers, dancers, sculptors, photographers, multimedia artists, performance artists, musicians and any other type of artists who embrace the ideal of an intrinsic union between his art and a mystical philosophy.

We algo organize physical exhibitions.

Following ideals that we borrowed from the late XIX Century Salon de la Rose+Croix that existed in Paris, we are always seeking for works that find their inspiration in dreams, mysticism, allegory, myths and legends. We embrace the multifaceted hermetic tradition as a whole with all of its possible interpretations. Our commitment is to support freedom of thought, expression and creed.

It is not important for us if the whole of the production of an artist is devoted to any branch of the hermetic tradition or if only a part of his works are involved with these ideas. When we consider the inclusion of an artist, we only have in mind the works he submitted.

The Salón Arcano is a non for profit gallery, hence we don't ask the artists to pay for exhibiting or showing their works. In this same sense, we do allow the artists to sell their works using our Virtual Galleries and we have no commissions (the sale of works of arts has to be performed as a private agreement/transaction between the artists and the buyer, the Salón Arcano does not get involved in the transaction).

The rules of the Virtual Galleries are simple:

alquimia The copyright of the works remains with the artist.
alquimia It is 100% free.
alquimia The artists are allowed to include links to any webpage featuring their works and their contact information.
alquimia The works do not need to be "exclusive" of these galleries and can be featured in any other gallery / exhibition.
alquimia The works can be for sale and there's no commission for sales.
alquimia The galleries can be removed in the future if the artist changes his mind (again, the owner of the copyright is the artist).

If you are interested, please visit our contact section.


The Salón Arcano has a Literature Section open to writers who want to publish there:

alquimia Essays about Art and the Hermetic Tradition.

alquimia  Fiction and Poetry that is connected to the Hermetic Tradition.

If you are interested, please visit our contact section.

Last, but not least, we are also a Publishing House. If you are interested in publishing your book in Spanish, please write to as to discuss the details.