Rick Zurrekt


I'm an active artist from Akademgorod, Siberia; living (and not living) in Santiago de Chile since 500 years ago. I'm a self-made artist who works with found materials and objects: collages, graffiti and complex installations. I've participated in collective exhibitions and solo exhibitions all over the Empire of Orélie Antoine de Tounens I, but I have a tendency to use the street as my own gallery with the aim of exploring the transmutation of the product into debris and then into a work of art. I have a total and independent vision of the works and the process involved in creating them. I like to use all the prejudices of the liberal society and then regurgitate them and I vomit them in its face.

As the Spanish proverb says: "Whoever wants to bring home the wealth of the Indies must carry the wealth of the Indies with him."
I'm still not very advanced in my journey of discovery of the Argentine superior spirit. The beauty of being covered by rain in midsummer counterbalances the need to write and stay home. If confessions are needed, I could say that some quite unexpected successes have kept me focused in Santiago. As for painting, I stopped trying to paint on behalf of all my alter egos and I feel more comfortable in a dialect, in an ethos, perhaps centered on the idea of developing a Self.

IMPORTANT NOTE BY THE ARTIST: All the texts of this gallery, even the biography, have been mixed and put together from a diveristy of sources and languages by Rick Zurrekt and translated to different languages by J. Moguillansky.

It is possible to see other works by Rick Zurrekt visiting his deviant art page:

Rick Zurrekt currently lives in Santiago de Chile, the Salón Arcano does not charge commisions. If you are interested in purchasing his works, you can contact its author directly: neoista@hotmail.com