Pereira Irving Paul


b1977 / Singapore / Libra / Fire Serpent /

The cyclical history of Pereira Irving Paul reveals a serpentine path that weaves through the strands of writing, art, sound and the magickal spectrum.

The Path of the Sword, descending from the Heavens to impale Earth, was revealed to him as a child when he drew the mythical figure of the Hawk warrior.

The Path of the Serpent, snaking from Earth to the Heavens, is an interior totem, residing and resonating in his old blood.

The Path of the Hermit appeared to him as a glowing figure next to a ghostly house. It lifted the lantern towards his childhood and marked him as a solitary wanderer upon this earth and an invisible traveller between the realms.

Personal / collective transformation, transmutation and the integration of darkness into the formulae of Light is part of his ongoing artistic  explorations.  He investigates the visual idea of underworlds, extraterrestrial dimensions, occult beings and the mysteries hidden in everyday sights.  In return, his finished art work connects him back to the Sacred, creating a bridge between this world and the other world.  

All art work is for sale unless already sold. Kindly contact the artist for any enquiries.

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