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During a particularly dark period in my life, in December 2000, a collage artist and friend of mine told me by phone: "Well, tear it apart now". I had one of his collages in front of me when he said such thing... I was angry with my situation ... no job, no money, and holding in my hands some bills and taxes that I had to pay; I made ​​my first collage tearing those bills and taxes and gluing them on a blank page. He gave me a reason not to feel sorry for myself, to exorcise my hatred for society, to do something.

The technique and style have evolved over time, gradually and whilst I wasn't noticing it. But the pleasure is still the same: Ripping and tearing, sometimes growling after tearing an image the edge is not where you wanted it to be, a wrong cut and everything goes to waste, sometimes it's an matter of searching for days the small missing detail, and finally there's satisfaction when a work is finished, all those issues make the highlights, all that is the pleasure that the art of collage provides.

I am a self taught artist. I never took classes at an art school nor I did any drawing, painting or collage course. Among humans, the influence is always there and I acknowledge that the works of many artists have influenced me as much as I have influenced them; but the important thing is creativity and originality and the works of an artist have to show them.

Whatever the influence, everyone has his own style, his own brand. This is necessary because otherwise, it's just a copy. In fact, I am constantly amazed by the richness of the collage art and its artists.

I am the creator of the blog "The Book of Realusion" but I must warn that it should not be viewed by minors due to erotic and / or sexual content of some of the works shown there:

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