Luis Venturiello


I was born in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, on January 18th, 1973. I am a graduated graphic designer, but I have always defined myself as an artist, since I was a very small child I felt the need to create and reflect the inner world that surfaced without the need of much explanations about it. Later, whilst walking across my spiritual path, I discovered a little more about me, and I decided to focus on my art too, as a reflection of visions, characters, ideas, worlds, emerging from within. Even today I think the process is about traveling without being able to know the route, that's fascinating. I believe that allowing myself to be guided by the ways of the Inner Self is the path to find messages from other realms, the expressions of the Great Architect.

My relationship with spirituality led me (and leads me) to far away places, discovering other cultures, other worlds, other perspectives. This helped me to integrate the ideas of different religions and understand their meanings. It helped me to understand the reasons behind the need of a spiritual expression that mankind has had throughout the whole of its existence. Rituals, ancestral practices, symbolic messages (both exoteric and esoteric) of ancient cultures, in this relentless pursuit to communicate with higher planes of consciousness, to transcend the finitude of human existence throughout history and leave a legacy. All those travels facilitate my creations and somehow emerge in my work, because I can't avoid including them, they revive through the artistic expressions that I am showing here.

All my works were created following the idea of involving the viewer in these experiences, these messages, without interfering in their internal processes, therefore my aim is to awake visions of different planes of consciousness. The colors, shapes and images, some real, some dreamlike, and the symbolic language is there to create a dialogue with the One who is watching the work, who is always there and will always be there.

So I invite you to travel along my works as a journey, an internal journey that may mirror your own visions, feelings, sensations.

Right now I am coordinating a workshop called "Inner Path" in which the students can experience spiritual concepts of self-knowledge and free creation, learning to travel and discover their own self, without prejudices or attachments. No previous experience is required, and the results are very surprising.

If you are interested in my works, please contact me. The measures are varied and the prices too.

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