Magick Kazim


Kazim is a french visionary occult artist.
Combined in a multi-layered art mixing photographs and symbolism his creations would pretend to be the remembrances of a wanderer in the liminal dream of  sorcery.
Often in a dark tinted ambiance his work, as a reflection of his spiritual journey, invites the viewer to a travel and an encounter at the doors of the spirits world.

Drawing his inspiration from different mythologies and esoteric traditions, Kazim tries to manifest the very moments when, in a deep state of connection with himself, the artist approaches the archetypes lying in the sacred visions of the Mundus Imaginalis.
As a non-dualist play between symbols and signs, his work reveals a personal reification where past, present and future come across to bring a new light into ancient and modern mysteries.

Passionate by new forms of spirituality and their artistic interpretation, Kazim aims to find new ways to express the Arte Magica such as the use of technology. This challenge has found its most accomplished expression through the website Dark Shaman, an interactive project manifesting 3 years of exploration of the deepest sides of the mind.


Renaissance - Arte Magickal by Kazim
The Dark Shaman - Omen the Fate

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