Joanna John


I took up art because I appreciated the variety of its ways of communicating with the world. My favorites are the media which enable me to enter into a direct dialogue with the viewer: site-specific installations, interactive sculptures, performances, video-art, and public space operations. Painting and photography are only complementary. My compositions attempt to touch upon the nature of the world we live in. Sometimes I am critical of the present reality, sometimes I use symbols coming from various cultures, sometimes I reach for abstraction.

It is the concept of language, however, that fascinates me most. It is a magic tool which can create new worlds, generate new ideas and concepts, and it does not matter whether or not they are illusory. The language of art provides an additional opportunity to touch the essence of things, to seize the inexpressible, to introduce the public to sheer experience. Art has this incredible potential for transformation, and since I do not believe in any objective me or in present reality, I attempt to make it ever-new.

I become inspired by all of life: nature and culture, city walks and social change, 20th-century magic revival and psychedelic experience, traveling and dzogchen meditation.

I have graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, where I majored in interior design. I was born in Częstochowa in 1983.

Now I live in Warsaw, where I work as a designer for the Okultura Publishing House and Trans:wizje Psychoactive Magazine.

I also design interiors, furniture and posters advertising cultural events as Studio KIKI.

Art is a three-letter word.
– William S. Burroughs

If you are interested in buying my artworks, you can contact me via e-mail:

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All collages are excellent quality photo-prints limited to 11 copies. Size: A5. Signed by the artist and framed. It is also the possibility to buy the original. Rabbit's Tarot: Prints on foam board. Size A3. Signed by artist and framed.