Florencia Mayra Gargiulo


14:42. 20th August, 1990.
I write, take pictures, draw and paint.
Imagine my inner self as an overactive hydra. I write since I was six, I started to take photos when I was eight.

Once I was in the kitchen at home in Mar del Plata (where I lived my childhood), I was nine years old or so, I was checking things and I accidentally broke a picture of a painting by Van Gogh that belonged to my mother. I put it together and painted it again to avoid being punished.

Today I dreamed I was in a tiny room, standing in an endless wooden staircase. The room began to be filled with water until it reached my nose. I wanted to open the door, but the handle broke, I had the keys, but they would not open the door, and then I managed to open it a few seconds before drowning.

Some of the works by Glorencia Mayra Gargiulo are for sale. If you are interested, please write to: Florgargiulo@gmail.com



Marseilles series & other works with cards