Scott Ferry


I am Scott Ferry, a visual artist and author exploring my interests in haunted places, spirits, primeval witchcraft, alternate realities, death, possession and childhood. My interest in art started very young and I took it as a way to unleash my imagination where words were sometimes lacking.

In the early 90s with my mind deep into Runes, Chaos Magick, Tantra and the outer realms I moulded my technique of using my pen on paper. Inspired largely by Austin Osman Spare and questing to unleash my artwork as living entities. "Form" becomes the sigil, the way to open doorways to other realms and knowledge.

My artwork has become a medium for my theories and personal discoveries and interests. The emptiness of forms such as the "body" is something that permeates my work extensively. Specifically my use of little girls as a representative symbol of a "body" that is empty of selves and opening the possibility of becoming possessed by others. "Possession" itself also influences my work and I research constantly for ideas about it in folk, cultural, and historical references.

My work is mostly done in watercolor and pen.

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