Diramazioni is Jessica and Lucio (aka Vocisconnesse and Tryfar) born in 1980 and 1978. We live and work together combining our visions and skills. We have been working for various clients, publishing houses and advertising agencies, on both illustration and graphic design projects. Anyway we would like to mainly focus on illustration and art.

Last published works: "THE ILLUSTRATED EDGAR ALLAN POE", we created 29 interior illustrations and the cover artwork for the pop-up book, commissioned by QUARTO Children's Books (UK) from "Literary Pop Up Series" Canterbury Classics (Baker & Taylor Publishing Group).

We currently collaborate with Acheron books, during the last years we have been illustrating and designing the books by Edizioni XII (Italy) and collaborated with them as art-directors (from 2008 till 2012), some of the books are "Carnevale" and "Archetipi"(cover + 12 interior illustrations, one about "Archetypes" and one about Carnival masks) and the cover art and design for the italian issue of "the Conqueror worms" by Brian Keene (i vermi conquistatori).

We created the illustrations for a tv advertising animation and related press commissioned by Horace Kidman communication agency (Milano, Italy) and various cover illustrations and design for Bononia University Press (Bologna, Italy).

We have been working as free-lancers for about 10 years even if mainly for various clients (see client list on our website).

Jessica published a picture book for children titled "Dappertutto" in 2006 which was selected at the international Prize “Sulle ali delle farfalle e dei cigni” 2005 with exhibition, Bordano (UD, Italy) and recently she has been selected for the exhibition of the Accademia Pictor competition based on an italian witches tale for kids. She also has illustrated a poster for a french theater festival “Le Chainon Manquant”. In 2007 she published a Major Arcana Tarot deck for Hermatena Edizioni/ Museo dei Tarocchi "Tarocchi di Connessione" and now the second edition is available as a self-published deck.

Lucio is a musician too (current projects: Asofy, and Bruma music), also works as graphic designer and collaborate with Avantgarde music for cd cover artworks.

Last selections at illustration competitions (with related exhibitions) and Awards:

-2010 CQ21, “Creative Quarterly” magazine -the Journal of Art & design - selected among the “runner ups” illustrators “illustration: professional” section.

-2009 International Illustration Award organized by Accademia Pictor and Editrice Sonda for a poster on the theme “Animals are my friends…and I don’t eat my friends” (Gorge Bernard Shaw) with exhibition at TORINO BOOKFAIR and publication in the VEGAGENDA 20010 (10.000 copies) september 2009.

-2008 ”Como la vé? realidad gráfica” organized by UDI (University of graphic design of Bucaramanga, Colombia)

-2007 international illustration competition “Illustrissimi” (on the theme of nature, earth, environment) with publication in the catalogue and collective exhibitions at Castello di Riccione and Palazzo del Capitano di Bagno di Romagna. - 8° International Illustration competition organized by “Accademia Pictor” titled “Hansel e Gretel” 2007 with exhibition at Lingotto Fiere (into “Torino comics” manifestation).

-2006 ”Fumetto International > Talent Award”: Special Mention for the Best illustration, and exhibition at Triennale di Milano (july/september 2006) with publication of the short graphic novel in “Zero” magazine and in “Mondo Naif”, Kappa Edizioni.

-2005 ”SilentARTMOVIES” Award first Prize for a poster for “Strade del Cinema” silent art movie Festival of Aosta.

-Our works have been featured in: DPI Magazine of Taiwan 2007 (with interview), “Design Stars Boulevard” 2008 (special book including worldwide contemporary illustrators).

-Collective exhibitions at "Museo dei Tarocchi" (Riola, Bologna) and related itinerant exhibitions

We have been specializing in dark, fantasy, mystery sci-fi book illustration lately, but we like to illustrate nearly everything. We prefer "cross-genres" and our main interests and inspirations are, dark, mythology, folklore, fairytales, esoteric, magical themes, symbolism, and also social themes, nature, sustainability. Also cd covers are among our main interests since we are very inspired by a certain kind of music.

We work sometimes individually, many times together on the same work using different media, material + digital and also digital photography.

The meaning of this name -Diramazioni- comes from the following concept: "through the possible ideas, stratification of thoughts and branches of colors you can reach a recollection."

We choose this name also because we love trees! (We love nature and animals and we are vegetarian).

HIGH QUALITY PRINTS OF OUR WORKS ARE AVAILABLE ON OUR E-SHOP-GALLERIES and on special formats and materials upon request.

Our website: www.diramazioni.it

blog: http://diramazioni.tumblr.com/
twitter: https://twitter.com/Diramazioni
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Diramazioni-illustration/241125829276266