Cassandra Beanland


I was born in the north of England, UK, and I moved to the USA as a teenager. After moving to various corners of the country from California to Montana, I finally settled in the Nashville area and have made it my home. I had my first art exhibition in Nashville, in 2007 at Nashville Ballet Company.

I’m a self-trained artist and began painting as a teenager in California under the guidance of Iranian artist Mina Bauer, and later was given further direction by Swedish feminist artist Monica Sjöö and British artist Stuart Littlejohn.

Recently I have been commissioned to work with one of my favorite artists, Stuart Littlejohn, to work on a massive 81 piece series of illustrations for a unique mystical oracle deck. Like most of my work to date, my half of the deck is acrylic on canvas, though recently I have been introduced to watercolor and it’s taking me in a new direction.

I'm intrigued by illustration and the idea of bringing myths and stories to life, faces to characters, and sharing in a stolen moment. My style is my own - my inspiration flows from unseen worlds, strange creatures, history, spirituality and becoming lost in the majestic depth of the night sky.

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