Rev. Arturo Royal


Rev. Arturo Royal is a multifaceted artist working in the artistic fields as singer-songwriter, musician, poet, essayist, author, as well as painter and sketch artist.

He hails from Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico, a place infamous for its local curanderos, brujos, and diableros; some of which are Rev'd Arturo's immediate ancestors. However, he was raised in the U.S.A.

Rev. Arturo RoyalArturo has Aspergers Syndrome, or High Functioning Autism, although he doesn't see this as a "disorder" but a different way of perceiving the world, and one of his ambitions is to bring knowledge and understanding about this condition to those who aren't aware of it or what it is. He struggles with clinical depression and PTSD, but art has given him a sacred outlet and a source of catharsis. He also would like to inspire others to create art in whatever form they choose.

In these works, Arturo uses humble materials such as supermarket crayola crayons and marker on posterboard, pieces of cereal boxes, or anything he can put color on.

His artistic influences are diverse enough to fill a library, but some of these include, Picasso, Surrealism, the occult, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Thelema, comic books, aliens, Mexican shop window advert art, Saints, gods, Satanism/Luciferianism, Grant Morrison, Charles Bukowski, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, William Burroughs, Aleister Crowley, Antonin Artaud, "outsider art", the preraphaelites, Albrecht Durer, Austin Osman Spare, Christian and Pagan Gnosticism, Nordic Paganism, Salvador Dali, Eregnosis, Andy Warhol, David Bowie, Chopin, etc., etc., etc.

The Rev'd Arturo uses the pseudonym "Papa Gnosis" as a magickal persona, a persona which "conjures" the spirits through his art.

Rev'd Arturo creates artwork which are guided by the gods and the spirits, and these artworks deal with the sacred, the profane, the occult, the unusual, and usual. He calls his aesthetic "Occult Metaplasticity".

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The Babes of the Abyss
(Rev. Arturo Royal's music)

A low-fi, strange-fi adventure through dark and lighted landscapes and alleyways of the mind and the soul, reaching across the decades of folk, rock, pop, and the bleating heart.

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