Ariel Tomaselli


"I perceive my work as a personal experiment that continues the poetic language that Carl Jung was investigating during the first decades of the XX Century.

This is why I felt the urge to translate my emotions into images: to continue his work and understand why Jung had given up translating his fantasies into an aesthetic language and focused on a scientific explanation. Jung holds that awareness does not establish exclusive relationships of reciprocity at the level of unconscious complexes, but is related to transpersonal constituents of the collective unconscious: the Archetypes.

Thus in my paintings I illustrate this relation between the conscious mind and the collective unconscious, a process that Jung called "Individuation". My intention as an artist is to wake archetypes in the viewer of my work and let him get closer to his psychic individuality, his true Self, and encourage his own process of individuation."

Ariel Tomaselli was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires.