Aonie Anfa


Aonie Anfa is a visionary artist in the tradition of Rosaleen Norton and Austin Osman Spare. Her creations are guided by trance, visionary quests and shamanic work. From a very young age, she wished to be an agent of divine chaos, cosmic joy and unbearable beauty. Art was truly the only avenue she saw that would take her towards that goal.

Research into the lives and work of Vincent Van Gogh, Robert Mapplethorpe, Georgia O'Keefe and Walter Anderson had a significant impact on her life and artistic viewpoints, but her work is solely her own and guided by Spirit.

While she had dabbled in watercolors, ink and sigils for most of her life, she began to paint in 2007. In 2013, thanks to the influence of African witchcraft and other African Diaspora traditions, another and different sort of creative fire was lit, and she began painting primarily in watercolor and acrylic. Her watercolor series "In This Garden Ov Mine" and "Animist Apostate" are her primary focus at the moment, and she is looking forward to what is around the corner and farther up the road.

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