Angela Edwards


Writer - Painter - Conceptual Artist - Performer

Angela Edwards is a  London based artist working in painting, sculpture, writing film and extreme body  performance  art. She use the subjects of sexuality, death, transgression through extremes, sacred sexwork, female psychosexuality, voodoo, quimbanda throughout her work. As well as her huge scales paintings . Angela Edwards is the author of the book Tantric Brute Grimoire published Aeon Sophia press 2012. That explores voodoo in using the lwa as a way to access darker elements of the human condition through our base human sexual nature and extremes. In 2012 Angela Edwards started a year long project of a ritual film journal, writings, and paintings. Based upon the pomba Gira or sacred whore.

For this project she took up the role working professionally as sub/prostitute again in sacred invocation context for the time frame of the project. For the conclusion to this project she cut the pontos into her flesh naked in a performance installation at world famous fetish club torture garden. A book with invocations, initiations via dream and rituals for each of the seven seven legions of Pomba Giras, art and ritual film DVD will be published by Aeon Sophia Press later 2013.

She is currently working on  a three stage extreme performance art aktion/installation incorporating the philosophy of Georges Bataille and the Acéphale movement  working on the ideas of full submission and  full ritual self sacriface. The first stage of this work will be exhibited at Tempting failure extreme performance art festival April 2013 and will also extend some of the concepts covered in Marina Abramovics Rythum 0. She is inspired by the work of Marina Abramovic, Bataille, Francis Bacon, Jean Genet, Gina Pane, Maya Deren, Bosch, De Sade,Rimbaud, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Louise Bourgeois and Ron Athey.


A philosophical journal on feminist Occultism. (Angela's Blog):



Torture Garden Performance