Roberto Migliussi


Roberto Migliussi, M.A. in Literature but qualified in History of Renaissance and History of South America, is currently a public librarian living near Florence, Italy. In the past years he has translated and published in Italy privately the most important works of Austin Osman Spare, on authorization of the literary executor Kenneth Grant, and of the same Grant, Michael Bertiaux, Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski, Gavin Semple. He translated for the editing house of Rome, Astrolabio Editore, “Cults of Shadow” by Kenneth Grant and helped another one, Coniglio Editore, to publish “Anathema of Zos” by Austin Osman Spare, having published it privately by himself twice.

He is a respected member of various magical orders, a Gnostic priest and a spiritual counsellor. He is involved in the creative process of magic, music and drawing. In his site they are presented to the italian public articles and texts of the authors Austin Osman Spare, Kenneth Grant, Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski, Martin Starr, David Beth, Louis Martinié, Nema, Linda Falorio, Lionel Snell, Mishlen Linden, Giuseppe Ierace, etc. with a section devoted to galleries of artists involved in esoteric and occult themes.