Charlie Martineau


Born in the Mid-Western United States at the tail end of the 80's. Interest in the occult came and went at various stages of youth and blossomed full on during the bridge to adult-hood. 

Primarily working in the field of sound, an interest in visual art was rekindled by the encouragement of an artist friend. Research and work experience have trickled through several esoteric systems in the last few years, though lately the focus has been Michael Bertiaux's "Voudon Gnosis" system. Artwork is based on pooling resources from trance states, the subconscious and the spiritual entities residing within and around. Ritual and prayer are used as a conduit to open the doors and each piece is a reflection of these experiences or a tool to further work with them.

some influences that are hugely important to me are: Jesse Peper, Kenneth and Steffi Grant, Michael Bertiaux, Dolorosa de la Cruz, Austin Osman Spare


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