Łukasz Grochocki


[University of Houston, Texas, USA, Bachelors of Fine Art & Art History. 2007]

For the past 15 years I have been developing an invented world which I call: The Fire Fountain. For this world I have created a language which uses an unique alphabet and an ideogramic system. I also have created a full mythic cycle that contains a pantheon of gods, spirits, heros as well as sacred realms.

I create paintings, books and dimensional ritual objects. My works are visually formal and are based on geometric and systemic art. However, they contain a unique typography of original narrative texts and symbolic images. They are a result of my constantly evolving world which is based upon a seemingly random system. The materials I use in my works existed and were used by scribes in the ancient past like: hand made books of papyrus and amate, gum arabic inks and a variety of panels that hearken back to iconic traditions.

2016 Stephan Romano Gallery “The End of Days” NYC
2016 Marcholt “Mystery of Symbols” with Marek Przybyła Warsaw PL
2016 Art Book Museum “Secret Tomes” Łodz PL
2015 Dom na Rozstaju “Esoterica” Słupsk PL
2015 Dom Artysty Plastyka “Światostwory” Warsaw PL
2011 Gallery 72 in Chełmie - International Show “Kryterium Koloru”.
2008 and 2010. Exhibiton: PROGRAM,
(organized by Gena Małkowskiego in 2002 in Warsaw & Paris).
2006 CSaw Gallery in Houston, Galeria Ikona in Łodz PL
2005 Blaffer Gallery in Houston
2002 Galeria Korozja i Kolor in Wołominie

Articles about my occult-art system were published in:
Anathema, Pillars: The 20 Demons of Fear, 2013
Qliphoth IV: Ybte Myth Cycle, 2014
Qliphoth V: The Dream Working, 2015
Sabbatica II: 7 Realms Working, 2015
Naxoz: 7 Chthonic Sages Working, 2016

wukashgrochocki.deviantart.com [Łukasz Grochocki's online gallery @ deviantart]
www.facebook.com/serumfantis [Łukasz Grochocki's musical project Serum Fantis Facebook page]