Edgar Kerval


Musician, writer and artist focused on deconstructing different magickal vortices through deep states of consciousness and gnosis. This process may be experienced litening to some of the musical projects of Edgar Kerval, such as EMME YA, THE RED PATH, THE RED ANGLE, NOX 210, ARCHAIC, TOTEM.  Shamanic rituals with powerful percussive mantras and sound elements evoking elemental spirits and primal Gods.

Edgar Kerval published his book through Via Dark Aeon Sophia Press. in which I capture their experiences with the spirits within the qliphotica energies African magic and voodoo and Exus in the Brazilian tradition, which he called Red Gods. Edgar Kerval  published his book Via Siniestra (Aeon Sophia Press) about his experiences with qliphothic magick, energies of african voodoo and Exus of the Brazilian tradition ("The Red Gods").

‘’Red Fetish masks appeared in my deepest dreams; an obsession with dance and sex with non-physical spirits became a recurring theme of my works as a painter, as if they were my guides in the path I was following. These same spirits became the light in the path I was meant to walk and explore during the whole of my life. Here I am, showing you some of the experiences I've had after having experienced the complexity of the Red Gods. I also work in magazines such as Qliphoth journal and Sabbatica."

The works presented below were embodied under the veil of the red gods, created under states of trance, some of them are paintings on cardboard, wood and paper; some others were created using organic materials!

http://www.facebook.com/edgar.kerval (Edgar Kerval's facebook page)
http://www.sunbehindthesun.blogspot.com.ar/ (Emme Ya - Music Project of E.K.)