Hervé Scott Flament


Grand son of the clown John Scott who traveled throughout Europe with the Australian Circus in the early part of the 20th century, Hervé Scott Flament was born in Paris on February 1st 1959.  His father was an acrobat who committed suicide when Hervé was very young.  His mother raised him alone and inculcated him with her tastes for the supernatural, fantasy and the « fantastique » culture born a century before, inherited from the Romantism era.

   He began studies in the natural sciences intending to become either a paleontologist or a zoologist, but he changed paths in 1977 when the punk movement unfurled in the western world.  He started playing guitar a few months before and dedicated the next ten years of his life to music.  He played with several french punk bands and set up the group Ici Paris who recorded one LP and four singles.  New interests  carried him into uncharted directions and he began to paint.  He immediately sold his first paintings which inspired him to devote more of his time towards his new endeavour.  Hervé taught himself to paint and brought back an ancient painting technique that no present art school could have taught him...

Official Website :   http://www.scottflament.com/