Cost Sigaret


Cost Sigaret is a Thelemite musician, writer, painter, social provocateur, occultist, magick practitioner. He is the founder of the band/movement Volikrok. As a musician/visual performer has given countless dada-magic live performances and has shown his work in solo and group exhibitions. He is the author of the books ''The Vessels of Iniquity'', 2011, and ''Pseudografica - The Prisoners of the Crowned Child'', 2013, Apopeira Publishers.

Volikrok covers a wide range of techniques and styles : cut-ups, expressionism, dada, polymath-musick, dimensions, sex magick, occult tradition, the Qabalah, Mysticism, paranormal visions, sound, dreams etc.

Volikrok's Blog [Greek]
Volikrok's facebook page [English]

Music / Performance

Kost Sigaret - Hot Beef Symphony II (The LSD Sessions)

Kost Sigaret - Welcome to the Zoo AKA The Volikrok Therion

VOLIKROK (Cost Sigaret) - Have You Ever Ventured?

Cost Sigaret - Another City