Corey Smith


I am a recent graduate of OCAD with a bachelor in fine arts for Drawing & Painting and have been studying and practicing art in Toronto, Ontario for close to 10 years now. I come from a small hamlet town in rural Ontario where my interests in art first took seed, though being immersed in the city setting has been incredibly fruitful with ideas, opportunities and challenges for my creative practice. I’ve mostly been working with India ink on watercolour paper in a predominantly monochromatic way, but have also ventured deeply into digital collage, illustration, graphic design, acrylic and oil painting, in the hopes to explore and understand colour amongst the many other visual languages better than I currently do.

My work tends to embody irrational accidental gestures which become inter-layered with intelligent symbolic responses. I hope to create a sense of wonder, confusion and revelation in the viewer while they are confronted with a detailed interweaving of 2D and 3D forms. My art, with all its techniques and symbols, plays with viewer's psyche, changing one's mind for the better, celebrating the extent of our imaginations and to see what we can make real.

See what you will, and maybe see what you wouldn’t before.
*All work shown is for sale unless already sold, contact the artist for availability/pricing*:

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