Nebula Narcomedusae


These artworks and collages are crystallized experiences, visions, dreams, visual deliriums and most of them come from note books I usually carry with me or they are mail-art works, which I use as a privileged form of communication. Arcane Polaroids.

Some of these postcards were performed and created on new moon nights with Luna Bones, feeling a psychick connection, creating synchronick cut-ups, giving space to the resonance between our inspirations and lectures of the moment.

Stripped of the most obvious occult graphisms and usual references, these works remain as micro-invocations, sigils, trip-reports. Semiconscious creations whose meaning is revealed during the length of the trip.

Phantasmagoric Arcana, deliriums and captures of the Wonderful Nebulous hanging-time in which the drawings take shape and the brush becomes a magic staff that transmutes colors ... A nebulae of moon and asteroid dust floating in the alembic with the water of memory, to impregnate the matter.

These are the pigmented aqueous cracks of the Grand Swarming ... "Friends of Nature, but friends with a Dark Origin»

Amis de la Nature, mais de Naissance Obscure. (Nebula's image blog)