James Sheer Phaily


"Stoop not down, therefore,
Unto the Darkly-Splendid World,
Wherein continually lieth a faithless Depth
And Hades wrapped in clouds,
Delighting in unintelligible images,
Precipitous, winding
A black, ever-rolling Abyss
Ever espousing a Body numinous
Formless and Void
"- The Chaldean Oracles of Zoroaster


The  Shamanic polemic and vital nature of my artistic  practice (re) cyclic(a)lly rotates  both deosil (clockwise) and widdershins (anticlockwise) simultaneously invoking and banishing in Death Posture repose transcending from "as if" to “as now” reality-moon-wracked at darkly-noon.

My arte is made with the aid of aesthetic magickal children, whose “modus-operandi” includes sigil magick (aos), mandragorian cut-ups (by way of the Beat Hotel), the ethos of the avant-garde, charmed  (found)  objects, the “sacred and the profane” and  “colours that flicker in water.”

Through the electrostatic hotwire of my Psychonaut(ical) “reanimation” I instigate  the fulguratiive initiation of my “wyrding module” – a “blind eye” seeing all, it’s countenance an  all-en-compassing chaospheric “sensorium”- filtered through the “thisness and thatness” of  beaconed self-love mind fires-ablaze, with the “focus of life.”

The nature of this sublime otherness convokes the life-force of my intuitive, creative, arachnean wild medusa panic-a chaospheric –(EAT:STATIK:MAGICK)’93 current which forms and generates-radiation/contamination in aethoric rippling patterns of kelelestic symmetry and “blackened” Sub-Bass Systems of “aoratic” power. It forms the psychic field-of my “arte” its “creative flow” resurges in flickering oracular colours of righteousness.

The nature of this subjective surreality is my very own rainbow, a metatronic ziarah a-blaze, lighting pathways I’ve not dreamt before.

This aforementioned “creative flow” eternally regresses into the aesthetic clandestine oroboruisms of that which cannot be summoned.-This fecund “insane blasphemy” fulguratively gestates as my (cosmic) artefact’s emerge from the most ancient one “slaying the gods” through the “process of  stealing the  fire from heaven”-laying surrealistic waste to the “inferno of the normal.”  

The arte I create is magickally charged by the cult of “Zos-Kia” the funambulatory pathway between ecstasies enthralled and entranced at the X-Roads of infinite, aesthetic spatial unification. It is with unashamed righteousness that I rise from behind the light, carving an esoteric pan-theurgical narrative of esoteric poesis into the correaltive orobouaratic infinite space of time-emit. Above all my artistic practice as artistic “process” seeks (re)union with the Sumerian Tradition in the realm of Atu ONE-the reified Shamanic Playground of thee Artist/Magickian.

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