HolyMane Magdala


The French artist HolyMane Magdala is a painter, fashion designer and illustrator, photographer, among others disciplines, HolyMane Magdala is above all a creator whose skills encompass freely a wide range of creative fields.

Former student in applied arts, she’s also graduated in fashion design and art. Although her main influences came from dark romanticism, fashion and some sub-cultures like punk, goth or neo-folk, she has also a deep interest in spiritual matters. Meditation, ancient languages (runes, Hebrew), yoga, tarot, magic and all that links us to the earth’s chthonic force are familiar to HolyMane for many years, inspiring her creations at various levels. HolyMane Magdala wants to explore her sensitivity and to connect to her inner source, her primal and natural energy, without any restriction or taboo.

This need for profoundness applies to her art, acting as the reflection of her sophisticated and versatile nature. Be it with drawing, in realistic rendering, fashion design, hand embroidery, painting, photography or jewelry, every artistic discipline in which HolyMane get involved is approached with elegance and delicate touch. Furthermore, the fact of using different practices prevents her to be categorized, due to the fact that she is an artist who uses various mediums to express her creativity and inner self, rather than be perceived and classified under one restrictive label only, avoiding narrow classifications such as photographer, jeweler or fashion designer to name some examples.

[Text by Laurent Braun]