Emma Doeve


Emma Doeve is a changeling child from the Lost World of what were formerly the Dutch East Indies, twice removed: once when she was taken on a big ship to Holland, where she grew up and went to school; the second time after Leiden University, when she left the Netherlands to find the birthplace of English Romanticism and re-connect with Nature.
She is first and foremost a Fine Artist, but also a Writer & Researcher, and Museum Archivist, who has made use of Design, Graphics, Performance, Photography & Video in her work.

She can be contacted via: www.whollybooks.wordpress.com


The Sun At Midnight (WhollyBooks, 2011)
Original artwork by EMD accompanying poetry & prose by Matthew Levi Stevens.

Aleister Crowley & the Yi-King (WhollyBooks, 2012)
Original artwork to accompany essay by Matthew Levi Stevens.

Last Rites (WhollyBooks, 2012)
Co-written with Matthew Levi Stevens.
In Memoriam: Eppo Doeve (1907-1981), Geff Rushton (1962-2004), Peter Christopherson (1955-2010)
Limited edition, with full-colour postcard reproduction of original artwork by EMD.

Academy 23: An ‘unofficial’ celebration of William S. Burroughs & The Final Academy (WhollyBooks, 2012)
Compiled & edited with Matthew Levi Stevens. Original artwork & design by EMD.

Original artwork in various issues of Chaosphere magazine, 2012-2013.

13 Knots, Collected Poetry And Prose, by Nina Antonia (Thinkbabymusic, 2013)
Includes original artwork by EMD.

Emma has also spoken live on a number of occasions, including appearances at:
FINAL ACADEMY/2012 @ The Horse Hospital, London
Omphalos Magickal Moot, Bath
The Globe, Hay-on-Wye

Original artwork & text by EMD included in the anthology, Women of Babalon, edited by Mishlen Linden (Black Moon Press, 2014) [Work-in-progress]