Barry James Lent


I am Barry James Lent, of Devil's Design Company. I have been fascinated with the unknown and the occult since as long as I can remember. I believe my creativity to be directly linked to these fascinations, as from the age of 3, my earliest drawings were usaully the devil and various monsters.

From around 1999, I picked up the airbrush and began to experiment with self induced trance states. The results for me were rather surprising, as some of the symbolism that arrived was not yet known to me. Many of the works done in this manner are very dense and multi-layered, and still offer me new intimations and insights into my subconcious and beyond... The artworks you can view here will show many examples of this ( although not ALL of these works are from trance).

I will not bother you with a long history on myself or my influences. I rather you will come to your own conclusions. I hope you will look a bit further than just the main characters in my images and arrive in the hidden areas from which they came. Enjoy.

Barry Lent Devil's Design