Álvaro Robles G.


Poet, writer, photographer, filmmaker, artist.

I have written numerous texts including novels, poetry, experimental texts and essays on film. My writings have been published in several journals of film and poetry.

As an artist, I have developed works that explore the unconscious, myths, shamanism, tarot, atavistic images within a freestyle that blends neo-expressionism, surrealism, abstraction and symbolism. I express my creativity in different ways such as painting, film, photography and music, creating a multidisciplinary view into my own artistic creation. Since 1997 I have participated in solo and group exhibitions of painting, photography, drawing, film, installation and video installation in Chile and other countries.

I have directed several films, including "La Mujer del Bosque" (2010), a work of contemplative cinema, an alchemical allegory.

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If you are interested in purchasing a work by Álvaro Robles G., you can contact him directly: arteprimordial@gmail.com

Mantic Drawings

These works were developed giving my own style to the technique of automatic drawing used by Austin Osman Spare and later by the Surrealists, however, my vision to make these drawings is also influenced by the South American shamanic traditions. The "mantic" name came after a reflection on the concept behind "automatic drawing" in the sense of generating a contribution and evolution of the concept. What I have experienced showed me that it is not exactly "automatic", but "post-rational" or "super-rational". The unconscious is not a machine, but an intuitive awareness beyond reason and mechanics, hence the term "mantic" arises relating these drawings to other "magic arts" such as divination, tarot, mediumship and clairvoyance.

Mantic Paintings


Album "Fobos" by TOPO.


1- Fobos
2- Camaleón-Obsceno
3- Espectro
4- Triple Gusano
5- Ruina
6- Utopía
7- Luz-Daimón
8- El Extasis del Silencio