Alejandra Vivi Aranda


When I was a little child I began to study dance and take dancing lessons, thus I became a professional dancer trained in different styles and techniques: ballet, contemporary dance, flamenco, jazz... Dancing was my first contact with art and I worked as a dancer in Buenos Aires, my hometown, and in other parts of the world. That was until a psychedelic trip triggered a perfect hinge moment in this incarnation, an experience that inspired me to move the pieces on the board in a profoundly different way. Art was still throbbing in the center of my self, the hidden mysteries became my core. I dabbled into photography. I started to watch my self, something Eternal was moving me increasingly... Then one day, and one night, I knew that, no matter how, I had to paint the images I was seeing with my mind's eye, the heart, the Whole. That's what I paint: visions that are revealed in deep states of meditation, visions that are revealed to me whilst I am awake, symbols, creatures, dreams, colors, shapes that exist and do not exist, lights that I see manifested in different corners of the earth as I travel, timeless memories... An ongoing process...

That's the Reality of Illusion, It's Eternity, it's Life and Death, the Observer and the Observed, It's indescribable... though constantly experienced.

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