Alan Ti Zaraguin


Alan Ti Zaraguin has been an occult explorer of the Sidereal for more than twenty years, fuelled by his native Neptune in Scorpio. Raised in a Light of Maitre Bertiaux teaching and Typhonian Thelema by Kenneth Grant, he spent many years of work on Speculative Theology and Noëtics studies. As a logical progression he joined La Société Voudon Gnostique in 2010 where he continues and deepened his work as Gnostic Explorer/Physicist. Focuses of his work in SVG are Meontological investigations and work on Atlas of the Meonic Daemonology from which The Gates of the Meon portraits is a part. At the moment he also works on his PhD thesis.


Thalamanay working



Gates of the Meon – Paintings
& explanation of four cards

Dimensions of a card: 11 cm x 14,5 cm. Acrylic on 360 grams paper.

Cards are made on very small format – A6, so it is quite difficult to get into details with acrylic paint. On the other hand it isn’t such a bad thing because it forced me to be simple and just put some glimpses that I had during the vision. It works for me as some kind of talisman to invoke specific atmosphere, or a gate for entry on specific mind-scape.

Paintings are made after deep meditation sessions, and they are received or channelled without any pre-conceptions or artistic intervention after. They are painted in a heat of the moment, each in just few hours.

I started the ritual workings with invocation of XVI level as is suggested in "The Cult of Mirroirfantastique:
The Grimoire of Saturn-Gnosis and Saturn Cabala" from M7R material – IV year.

That level corresponds to Maitre-Grand-Bois. So, I made card for Scale XVI, and proceed with invocations (I follow the procedure from pages 28-1 and 28-2 from II year M7R – Lesson 9, The Occult Analysis of the Monad-Spermatozoon, The Astrosophy of Sexual Substances). After that I assumed god-form of Maitre-Grand-Bois and then visualisation of SVG sign until I get into deep meditation.

Three Crosses or Calunga

Three Crosses

Time: 13.08. 2011., Saturday, day of Saturn, full moon
La Maitre-Gran-Bois D’Ilet; Golgotha
Neptune, Pluto, Uranus

The central Cross in the graveyard serves as the axis for ascent for souls.
The ocean at the Door of Time – transcendental Id. Time becomes space at this very place.
Blue-black-green colour of astral waters (lower part of painting) and yellow and red colours of radiating the Fire Gnosis from central Solar Cross (golden) of life.
Red strip with IFA signs and some other veves mark line of border between pure Nothingness from astral waters.
Black contour of skull (if you look closer it can be seen that skull is drowned into water, upper part of skull is a black place on which crosses rest, and beneath water it can be seen two hollow parts in skull for eyes) is line of dividing astral waters from phenomenon space of existing reality (three crosses as source of Fire emanating life).
First idea or impression during meditation was that of Golgotha, skull place, or hill in a shape of the skull where Christ was crucified. It was descending of Christ as Ghuedhe into the underworld or into the heart of Matter (Dark or Shadow matter?).
It is in fact four crosses, but one of them (three are visible at Golgotha) is beneath earth as some kind of root. This underworld is identical with Astral waters of Calunga.
Golgotha (GLGTh) – the Skull, symbol of the Mystery of Crossing-over from existence to nonexistence
Skull GLGTh
Gimel (3) + lamed (30) + Gimel (3) + tau 400 = 436

Four Time Patriarchs


Time: 28.08. 2011., Sunday, day of Sun, black moon
Level IX; Sun in Libra, Simbi-Ghuedhe, earth of air

Four patriarchates represents in the outer world sixteen Archonates within the Iconosphere which are abstract, psychic and Pythagorean structure.
That is most strange vision and I really can’t connect Four Patriarchs to Level IX in any rational way. Actually, only appropriate connection is relation of each of Patriarch to different level (level I – Moon in Scorpio, level VI – Moon in Taurus, level XI – Moon in Leo and level XVI – Moon in Gemini). So I was at least surprised with that card.
Maybe it could be seen as conjunction of all 4 time stations as point of departure from Universum A into the Meon. This 4 Patriarch are at the same time Watchers over that transition and Guides in it? I am not sure about that.
Sigl/veve beneath Patriarch looks like a strange key, can be that yellow line above them is a keyhole?
During meditation, I had feeling of strong and worm protection by few superior beings (or more particularly – four of them). It was like travelling to most remote place and time in the Cosmic womb. Nothing else has been revealed beside that protection rooted in four different spirits which looks like four cold flames in black-blue vastness of space-time continuum.

Fiendess of the Snow Storm


Time: 29.08. 2011, Monday, day of Luna, New Moon, Moon in Virgo.

Snow-storm Goddess of Meotology as a Fiendess pair of Baron Lundi
A hyper-dimensional and Gnostic being powered by negative energy (Dark Energy) fields in Daathian portal.
Ur-Yoni as the endless womb of nature which rhythmically produce outpourings of the Meonic secretions.
It is placed between the Id and Transcedental Id.
This card seems as some kind of continuation of previous experience with Four Time Patriarch.
I get the level of working through throwing of three dices (if you sum up result of throw of three
dices and subtract t number two, you will get result from 1 (1+1+1=3; 3-2=1) to 16 (6+6+6=18; 18-2=16). This time I get once again level IX.
Fiendess of the Snow Storm is root of everything, virgin mother (New Moon, Moon in Virgo). It is coldness (there is no gnosis of Fire, no Fire at all) of Snow Storm (storm as primordial chaos, and snow as whiteness of Ain – before Ain Soph, before anything at all).
She has golden (not silver, as we would expect with feminine references) crown with four crosses and golden moon below (with very small sigl upon it in a shape of a human). Most deeper darkness around she start to radiating light blue. Here we have some similarities with some weird quantum physics – there is something which is called “Higgis field” – once this field appears in a vessel that has been pumped empty and whose temperature has been lowered to absolute zero, zero level of energy will be lowered even more, and then negative energy appear, which mean that “something appears out of nothing”. I see this as exactly productivity of negativity, passive feminine silver in that case started to be golden (masculine, productive and phallic, but in a negative (not bad, but just negative), inverse way. That is feminine potency.

Mighty Ghuedhe

Mighty Ghuedhe - Burn the black candle and use strong and sweet incense of the tomb, for in fire, you will be reborn as Ghuedhe

Time: 15.10. 2011., Saturday, day of Saturn.
Level XIII; Sun in Sagittarius, Ghuedhe-Nibbho, earth of fire

Total openness that traverses death and life, inside and outside, all limits of bio-ethical horizons.
The bones are solidification of life-force.
Living soul is composed of many dead souls.
Open oneself to a radically non-human life.
Abyssal modality of the Universe in which our consciousness is discreet modality defined by local horizons of Being.
The body of Ghuedhe is composed of Crosses (dead and living Souls) painted golden on white, red, blue and violet. I see this as Life Fire Force (golden cross) which outpouring ojas into four worlds (represented in white, red, blue and violet colours). Ghuedhe has yellow halo around head of saint (he is saint and Lwa), but this halo is divided with black meandered line which looks like a gear. Cosmos as a gear mechanism? Maybe that is not gear, but something which suggests folding as a principle of creating. Being is fold of Nothingness as Kitaro Nishida has writing. From that meander line radiating four snakes - spermatozoon. Ghuedhe holds in his hands golden phallic wand, obviously referring to both creations as destroying.

Alan, 14.VII 2012.