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15th July - 2012 - 19:00 pm - Teniente General Perón 2189 
Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Photography Exhibition + Paintings Exhibition + Conference.


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The ancient alchemists spent their lives trying to find a way to fix the volatile; a way to capture the light of the spirit and materialize it. Thus, respecting the freedom of religion, thought and expression, we have called the new artisans of the light to participate in a very similar work.

The Salón Arcano invited 34 amateur and professional photographers to submit works inspired by dreams, allegories, myths, mysticism, the intangibles, spirituality, alchemy, astrology, qabalah, magic or the mystery traditions for this exhibition. An identical exhibition was shown at Occulture 2012: Festival of Spiritual Freedom, which took place in the city of Brighton (U.K.) between 2nd July and 6th July 2012; where the Salón Arcano of Buenos Aires had been invited to participate.

The Exhibition displays 90 photographs by:

Alejandra Viviana Aranda (Buenos Aires, Argentina) - Martín Sotelano (Wales, U.K.) - Joachim Svela (Oslo, Norway) - Ricardo Rodríguez Krismanich (Carmelo, Uruguay) - Jessie Fischer [Seth-Ra] (Alabama, U.S.A.) - Seres Múltiples [Antonella Morelli / Jimena San Pedro / Sabrina Novaro] (Buenos Aires, Argentina) - Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule (Victoria, Australia) - Pablo Hugo Molteni (Buenos Aires, Argentina) - Sharon Sheinker (California, U.S.A.) - Belén Asad (Buenos Aires, Argentina) - Álvaro Patricio Robles (Viña del Mar, Chile) - Lena Thorsmæhlum (Oslo, Norway) - Eleanor Leonne Bennett (Cheshire, U.K.) - Alexandra Reyes Valentino (Bogotá, Colombia) - Catalina Romero (Buenos Aires, Argentina) - Graciela Esposito (Buenos Aires, Argentina) - Lob Instagon (California, U.S.A.) - Luciana Forster (Buenos Aires, Argentina) - Carolina Rendón de Hirsch (Santiago de Cali, Colombia) - Nibiru (Illinois, U.S.A.) - Sølvi Nykland (Oslo, Norway) - Ariel Sicorsky (Buenos Aires, Argentina) - Soledad Maggioti [La 7] (Buenos Aires, Argentina) - Carolina Romano (Madrid, España) MarkostheGnostic (Miami, U.S.A.) - Naira Andreia (Buenos Aires, Argentina) - Marcin Owczarek (Lier, Belgica) Kristin Stangenes (Oslo, Norway) - Leticia Ahumada (Buenos Aires, Argentina) - Ume Zeeb (Buenos Aires, Argentina) - Salazius Hermès D'Artigné (France) - Cid Sol et Jeuan (Buenos Aires, Argentina) - Guillermo Straface (San Miguel, Argentina) - Violeta Percia (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Paintings Exhibition

The paintings exhibition that completes the event involves two artists who have worked under absolutely different styles, but always investigating the gray zone in which alchemy and art meet:

Leticia Ahumada

Diego de Aduriz


"Reintegration of the Light in Photography and Alchemy"
::: by Sebastián Ghelerman :::

Since the birh of mankind, the light has always been an important part of our cultural life. it has had a place in religion, a place in the arts, a place in philosophy and a place in science. Photography is not an exception to this rule, since both light and darkness are the key elements of photography, but is it possilbe to find a spiritual ideas that embraces both the technical and the artistic side of photography? This conference will show how it is possible to comparte photography and alchemy and how their ways of working are very similar and how both of them are similar ways in which mankind has been trying to express itself in a creative way by using Nature and the Universe as a means of expression.


Lic. Sebastian A. Ghelerman
Sebastian A. Ghelerman is an anthropologist who has studied at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and is currently studying a master in analitic psychology. He specialized his studies on religion and his doctoral thesis has been about self-knowledge and religious groups. As a researcher, he devoted his studies to subjects that didn't seem to have any relationship between them; i.e, programming languages and physics to sociology and arts. His research has lead him to investigate the Hermetic Tradition and the Jewish-Christian Mysticism.