Call for Submissions for "The Square" exhibition.


Professional and Amateur Photographers of all Nations
::: No Entry Fee :::

::: DEADLINE: 30th MARCH 2012 :::

[Please note that this call for submissions expired and this is stored as an archive]

Ars Gratia Artis

camara obscura

Fixating the volatile:
The ancient alchemists of the past spent their lives trying to find a way to fix the volatile; a way to capture the light of the spirit and materialize it. Thus, respecting the freedom of religion, thought and expression, we call the new artisans of the light to participate in a very similar work.

The Salón Arcano invites amateur and professional photographers to submit  works inspired by dreams, allegories,  myths, mysticism, the intangibles, spirituality, alchemy, astrology, qabalah, magic or the mystery traditions for our next exhibition. This exhibition will take place in May 2012 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This event is an exhibition of photography and visual arts named: “The Square: a Hermetic Revelation”.

In the exhibition, each photograph will be displayed next to a text (submitted by each photographer), creating a mirror in which the photo explains the text and the text becomes the  mirror-image of the photo.


1.   We will receive works and photographs by individuals of every nationality, regardless of their country of residence.

2.   The Salón Arcano will make a selection of the works.

3.   Entries must be sent in digital format and high resolution to our e-mail.

4.   Each photo must contain:


5.   Every photo must be accompanied by a text inspired by the image. This text can be a poem, an idea, a brief essay or any kind of text that, in some way, mirrors the image. The author of the text can be the photographer who submits the photo or a second person working with the photographer. Texts found in books will not be accepted. 

The maximum length of the text is 120 words. During the selection the texts will be as important as the photos themselves and considered as a single work of image and text. The texts must be written in ENGLISH OR SPANISH, and the texts submitted in English will be translated to Spanish for the exhibition.

6.   The Salón Arcano will not be accepting photographs that do not include a text.

7.   As long as it is possible to send us a high resolution copy of the photo by e-mail, we accept all types of photographs. We accept analog and digital; as well as any kind of alteration of the photos such as photomontages, digital collages, any kind of laboratory process, cut-ups, etc.

8.   There is no entry fee. The Salón Arcano will pay/finance the photo printing of the selected works for the exhibition.


1.   The Salón Arcano will have the right to use, display and exhibit the submitted photographs and texts in an exhibition called: “The Square: a Hermetic Revelation”, in physical publications, in digital publications and on the Salón Arcano website. The Salón Arcano will also provide the images and texts to individuals who want to illustrate a review of the exhibition. The photos and texts will always give credit to the author. The photos will not be published in any way that provides a high resolution digital copy of the photo.

2.   The Salón Arcano does not claim the exclusive copyright of the works, all of the rights not mentioned in the first paragraph of these legal conditions remain with the authors of the photographs and the texts.

3.   The authors will have the right to sell their works, as the Salón Arcano is a not for profit organization that will not request or accept a percentage of the transactions between the artist and the buyers. The Salón Arcano may provide any interested buyers a contact with the artist, but any kind of transaction will have to be done as a private transaction between the  buyer and artist.  The Salón Arcano will not be a part of this operation.